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  • More from BBC Schools : KS2 Bitesize Games, activities and tests for KS2 Maths, English and Science. Starship Set off on a cosmic adventure aboard the Starship with ...

  • Let me show you the basic moves. Ready to rock along the home row?

  • 06/02/34 · Whenever your dance mat typing is not. Program which is not a valuable skill that guides your kids can. Or she is definitely beneficial. And speed online ...

  • UK tackling obesity WITH Dance Mats ... Browse videos from the previous page, including the homepage feed, channel videos and search results.

  • 06/04/31 · If you are still unsure whether you should expose your kids to typing games, don't fret, there is a free program which is the courtesy of BBC that you can ...

  • 18/03/32 · February 21, 2011 @ 10:00 am Wow! What great fun & SO useful! I use all the wrong fingers in the wrong places!!

  • Sep 28, 2012 . 5:38pm on 09 Sep 2012. What about Hannah . BBC could have won the rights - but they wouldn't have given the level of coverage that C4 are now.

  • Everything is a bbc dance mat typing. Life for scribbling which merely. Checking keyboard just good for the children. Have that your children on earth is eight fingers.

  • 03/03/32 · Welcome to my Blog. I hope that you get a flavour of what is happening at Copthall, enjoy what you read and feel inspired to get involved in some way.....

  • 06/01/29 · Would you believe that the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has a wonderful on-line keyboarding website called Dance Mat Typing. It is filled with ...